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Final pitch event of the AISR Startup Competition

März 28, 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm CEST

re:mynd, Hanauer Landstr. 154, 60314 Frankfurt

Register for our final event of our AI Startup Competition!

Join us at the final event of the AISR Startup Competition 2022/23 in Frankfurt and meet with the vibrant AI startup community from Hesse on March 28!

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Why participate?

This is your chance to discover the latest trends and innovations in the AI startup sector of Hesse. Meet our competition finalists, startups from our accelerator program, and institutional as well as industry partners from the Hessian startup ecosystem. Learn about AI Startup Rising (AISR), the AI Startup Initiative from Hesse, and what’s coming next. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with everyone at the event!


The event will take place at re:mynd, Hanauer Landstr. 154, 60314 Frankfurt on March 28, 2023, from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Here’s what you can expect:

4:30pm Start of reception

5:00pm Welcome speeches

5:15pm Overview of the AI Startup Competition 2022/2023

5:20pm AI Startup competition Finalists present their business concepts

6:20pm Introduction of the AISR Community Label & AISR Incubator Program

6:30pm Introduction of partners from the startup ecosystem of Hesse

6:45pm Award ceremony

7:00pm Networking and buffet

9:00pm Goodbye for today

What is the AI Startup Competition about?

The AISR Startup Competition aims to support the early development of AI startups and strengthen peer exchange in Hesse. We started with around 30 applications and provided startups with personal business coaching, technology advisory, and a two-day expert workshop on developing and selling their tech product to their customer group. Fifteen business concepts were selected for the semi-finals, and 5-6 concepts will compete for the first three places at our final event in Frankfurt on March 28, 2023.

Who are the semi-finalists?

AI Startup

What does it do?

Bird Mapper

Monitors bird populations through bird songs using a small device that tracks bird species and their quantity in a specific area at a given time.


Gives data a voice by bringing data to life through conversational analytics, empowering every user in organisations to effortlessly and independently get insights in seconds, simply by talking to data in natural language, text or voice.


Uses AI to speed up biotechnological experiments with its cloud-based drug discovery platform „Generative Molecular Synthesis – GeneSys“ (GeneSys).


Offers a security solution using distributed deep learning-based algorithms for detecting and preventing cyberattacks against IoT devices.


Working on the development of an autonomous cell culturing system based on AI with the aim of revolutionizing the way cell cultures are expanded and complex 3D biological tissues are produced.


Offers an automated quality control system using AI to reduce seam defects within textile production.


Provides an AI-powered geospatial platform that extracts insights from satellite and drone imagery enabling users to create custom automated use-case scenarios based on conditions of detected objects, surfaces, materials, and areas.

HCP Sense

Develops non-invasive solutions for measuring loads and lubrication conditions in rolling bearings.


Offers smart water metering to proactively prevent water shortages and provide personalized water-saving tips and an information platform using AI.


Digitally reproduces real-world energy systems to reduce energy demand, costs, and CO2 emissions, providing a web-based multi-energy management platform.


Develops efficient multi-camera AI vision solutions for resource-constrained autonomous vehicles like drones to inspect facilities in industries (e.g., energy), enabling frequent missions with reduced cost


Provides an innovative AI based code completion and bug fixing system in real time for developers.


Offers a broad set of AI-based features that accelerate and simplify academic research and writing using the software Mimir Mentor.


Enables mid-size companies to use AI for forecast and generative tasks.


Develops a passive home emergency call system for elderly people living alone, detecting emergency situations and the need for support and notifying relatives, caregivers, or a home emergency call service using AI.

Who evaluates them?

Phillip Maasberg
Senior Account Manager Startups and
Global Owner IONOS startup programm at

Coming from a blue collar family, Phillip was the first who studied and saw a university from the inside. He has worked and lived in multiple countries before, during and after his studies. He started his career in sales for a Finnish company as the first full time seller in DACH. After that job, he became the first startups focussed person at IONOS and builds the global program for the group to attract and support startups with all of IONOS‘ services and products.

Dr. Kathrin Steinbrink
Program Manager at Campus Founders

The Campus Founders is the startup and co-innovation hub shaping the next generation of founders, innovators and startups. Kathrin did her PhD in Entrepreneurship and is now a Program Manager at Campus Founders, responsible for various programs around inspiration and incubation of young teams towards startups. AI Founders is the incubator program run by Campus Founders that helps aspiring founders with new startup ideas launch successful AI companies.

Chair of Entrepreneurship | TU Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Carolin Bock, Anna Khoroshylova,
Syrine Adala und Lena Friedle

At the Chair of Entrepreneurship, led by Prof. Dr. Carolin Bock, we are investigating research questions in the fields of artificial intelligence (Lena Friedle), resilience research (Syrine Adala) and the financing of tech start-ups (Anna Khoroshylova). In doing so, we combine theoretical concepts with concrete practical knowledge and specifically foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.


Prof. Dr. Anne Riechert
Board Member at AI Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Anne Riechert has been a board member of the network AI Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V. since the association was founded in 2019. Since 2009 she has been a professor of data protection law and law in the information processing at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. In the past Ms Riechert was as well the scientific head of the Stiftung Datenschutz (Foundation for Data Protection) and Founding Director of the Centre Responsible Digitality.


März 28
4:30 pm - 9:00 pm CEST


Hanauer Landstr. 154
Frankfurt, Hesse 60314 Germany
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AI Startup Rising
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