Code of Conduct


hessian.AI aims to create excellent conditions for collaborative and individual research and promotion of early career researchers and aims to establish a vibrant culture of exchange within its ecosystem. We are committed to developing, deploying, and using AI systems in a manner that adheres to the ethical principles of respect for human autonomy and diversity, prevention of harm, fairness, and explicability. We also acknowledge and address potential tensions between these principles.

We pay particular attention to situations involving more vulnerable groups, such as children, people with disabilities, and others who have been historically disadvantaged or at risk of exclusion. We also consider situations where there are asymmetries of power or information, such as between employers and employees, or between businesses and consumers.

We recognize that while AI systems offer significant benefits to individuals and society, they may also pose certain risks and have negative impacts. These impacts may be difficult to anticipate, identify, or measure. As such, we are committed to taking adequate measures to mitigate these risks, when appropriate and proportionate to the magnitude of the risk.

hessian.AI is committed to promoting trustworthy AI that is lawful and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. It should be ethical, ensuring compliance with ethical principles and values, and be robust from both a technical and societal perspective, as it can potentially cause harm even with good intentions.



This Code of Conduct is intended to provide binding rules for the implementation of the goals and principles of hessian.AI. It applies to all persons employed and/or engaged by hessian.AI, including permanent and temporary employees, faculty members, and researchers. The principles set out in this Code of Conduct apply to all activities in and for hessian.AI including research, internal and external social activities.

Principles of Ethics

Each individual shall:

Research and research data management

hessian.AI is committed

Conflict of interests

hessian.AI promotes entrepreneurial activities of its members and supports innovation. Collaborations with businesses, startups, and educational initiatives are encouraged. While laws, regulations, and contracts aim to limit conflicts of interest, a more applicable and user-friendly framework is needed to resolve conflicts of interest. Members of hessian.AI are expected to proactively manage any conflicts of interest (real or perceived) related to their activities. This includes:

For further guidance, refer to the Directive on the Prevention of and Fight against Corruption in the Public Administration of the State of Hesse (St.Anz. 52/2019 p. 1357) and the Administrative Regulation for Employees of the State of Hesse on the Acceptance of Rewards, Gifts, and Other Advantages (St.Anz. No. 52/2017 p. 1497).


hessian.AI is committed to providing a welcoming and harassment-free environment regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, sex, gender and identity, sexual orientation, disability (physical or mental), and creed.

hessian.AI promotes and supports a family-friendly working and studying environment and a family-friendly academic culture. Equality and diversity perspectives constitute criteria for financial support provided to research, especially for internal grants and research funds. We support project-related equality concepts when seeking external funding. hessian.AI fosters a viable work-life balance, flexible working hours, a positive working environment, and academic conduct in a spirit of respect and cooperation. We also provide support to disadvantaged groups of people and persons with disabilities through positive action.

hessian.AI members commit to: