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Video portrait of Georgia Chalvatzaki

AI and robotics researcher Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki was portrayed with her research in the latest video of the series “Perspektive …”, produced by “Hessen schafft Wissen”.

The short documentary series “Perspektive …” features researchers from all Hessian universities and various disciplines. The latest video “Perspektive Digitalisierung” portrays Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki (hessian.AI & TU Darmstadt), Prof. Philipp Thesen (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt) and Prof. Thomas Nauss (Philipps Universität Marburg). In her video interview, Georgia Chalvatzaki elaborates on the enormous influence that AI research has on digitization:

Data is the center of all current AI. All the successes that we see right now in AI are because of the abundance of the data.

Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki

“The World Wide Web was a huge revolution that enabled us to collect all that information and create that so-called knowledge base. So I think the next big step in robot technology will be robots in different levels of execution. For example, autonomous driving and personal robotics. We already know that big industrial robots have revolutionised the industry so I see in the next 15 to 20 years the robot playing a big role in taking over hard human labor. It opens many possibilities but it also opens many questions.”, she continues in the interview.

Hessen schafft Wissen

The initiative “Hessen schafft Wissen” (Hessen Creates Knowledge) has set itself the goal of presenting the diversity and performance of science in Hessen to the people. It aims to make visible what is being researched in Hessen and to present scientific topics in a comprehensible way. To achieve this, videos and articles provide insights into Hessen’s research institutions. and to introduce the people behind them.
“Hessen schafft Wissen” offers scientists a platform to communicate their topics. The goal is to bring them closer to people interested in science in a tangible way. This demonstrates the contribution that science and research make to meeting the challenges of the future and to benefit society.

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