from AI Startup
to AI Scale-up

You are

an AI-centric startup

looking to scale-up sales

and internationalize?

Then get ready to RISE

Second batch application closed!

Application deadline: November 12, 2023

Program duration: Nov 2023 – Apr 2024


The AI Startup Rising Accelerator is a 6 months program aiming to support startups with an AI-centric business model in their scale-up stage. Rising runs once a year and offers a variety of different benefits such as price money, mentoring, recruiting, politics and expert evenings and preparations for bigger investments. The included workshops especially address the topics VC-Readiness, sales, AI-tech improvements, HR-support and much more.

You get

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10k price money

Every chosen accelerator startup receives 10,000€ price money to spend freely.

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World class mentors

You’ll get access to world class startup and AI mentors from science and industry from the hessian.AI network.

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Exclusive workshops

Participate in 5 exclusive workshops designed for AI scale-ups looking to internationalize with a solid AI foundation. Find more details below.

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Marketing & recruiting support

Receive marketing and recruiting support from experts and members of the hessian.AI network throughout the complete program.

Access to local AI Infrastructure in Darmstadt

Access to the unique high-performance AI infrastructure optimized for AI workloads at the Darmstadt site.

Workshop Modules



This module is tailored to AI startups and focuses on sales strategies. It includes personalized 1:1 sessions with a sales expert. These sessions provide valuable insights and guidance to enhance your startup’s sales approach and overall effectiveness.


December 06, 23 – December 15, 23
January 08, 24 – January 12, 24

This module covers preparing for investment rounds during startup growth, including investor perspectives, models, and scaling strategies, especially through venture capital. Seasoned specialists offer personalized coaching to refine your investment strategy within your growth plan.



This leadership module, tailored for AI startups, focuses on effective leadership within a startup context, including team structuring. It features personalized 1:1 sessions between each startup and an expert to enhance leadership skills and optimize team dynamics.

Additional Modules



This VC-Pitchtraining module is specially designed for AI startups to prepare them for meetings with potential venture capitalists. It includes personalized 1:1 sessions with experts, equipping startups with the skills and knowledge needed for successful VC-Pitches.



The Storytelling module is an integral part of the accelerator program, providing ongoing support to AI startups in effectively communicating and presenting their successes to a broader audience.

Roadmap „RISING“ November 2023 – January 2024


Application closed!

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