hessian.AI pursues the goal of contributing to the solution of economic and societal challenges by promoting AI innovations and pushing the application of AI across the breadth of science, business and society. Through the exchange with business and academia, science not only receives information about application-specific challenges, but also contributes to informing society about the opportunities, but also the risks, of AI.

To achieve these goals, but also to strengthen the AI innovation ecosystem, hessian.AI collaborates with a variety of partners through different formats.


hessian.AI promotes the application of AI and AI innovations in practice through various formats and measures. Joint research projects are of particular importance. Research can also be advanced within the framework of research laboratories, in which partners work together on topics, or within the framework of dual PhD programs, which are operated by hessian.AI together with companies.
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hessian.AI aims to advance research in the field of AI that is beneficial to people and to contribute to building up more knowledge about AI in society. Citizens of all ages can thus be empowered with fact-based basic knowledge to assess the opportunities and risks of AI.

This is how we bring
AI awareness to society

KI macht Schule

In cooperation with the initiative “KI macht Schule!”, hessian.AI develops and offers events and basic learning and education opportunities for students.

“In order to give today’s students the opportunity to help shape their own future, it is urgent to start education in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning as early as possible. The cooperation with KI macht Schule enables us to address promising educational offers in the field of AI and ML directly to students, but also to teachers in Hesse and to spread the discussion of this important topic”, says Prof. Kristian Kersting, Co-Director of hessian.AI.

The central goal of the cooperation is to start with education at school if possible. The current students are tomorrow’s decision-makers and shapers. In the future, AI and ML will play an ever-increasingly significant role, which is why early exposure to the topic is all the more important. Courses will cover technical-scientific but also ethical and social aspects to educate about facts, opportunities and risks of AI.

AI Open House

To bring access to AI to the general public, but also to pick up interested people with basic knowledge and expertise, hessian.AI offers a monthly AI Open House.

Through this format, we increase our thematic network and connect the right people to enable transfer.

In addition, we explain the principles of AI to those with questions, advise startups on AI topics, and bring developers together with users.


With its own research and more than 40 top-class research and industry partners, hessian.AI will support the broad application of AI methods. In particular, where Hessen is traditionally strong: in medicine, neurosciences and cognitive sciences, environmental and life sciences, finance and business, energy and engineering.

hessian.AI will ensure the continuous transfer of its results within the framework of an “innovation ecosystem” – closely integrating business, non-university science and social groups. Startups will emerge here, companies will benefit from research on the one hand and challenge it with new questions on the other. This is where young AI talents and investors from all over the world will be attracted.