Educational training

The wide range of educational training programs offered by the AI Service Center allows you to get started in the field of AI and deepen your knowledge in the areas of artificial intelligence that interest you most.

Different learning levels enable you to find just the right level of complexity and detail you need. Varying formats, such as online courses, workshops, and classroom lectures, allow you to choose the learning method that suits you best.

Below you find a current list of educational training offerings, including information on how to register.

Learning level 1
Your introduction to artificial intelligence

This learning level is designed for anyone who has heard about artificial intelligence in the media but has not yet been able to grasp what this hype is all about and what artificial intelligence can and cannot do. In these entertaining, professional programs, we introduce you to AI and give you insights into its many opportunities and challenges.

AI Academy

The AI Academy offers a low-threshold introduction for those interested in AI who want to gain an overview of the many opportunities artificial intelligence offers while also acquiring entrepreneurial skills. Fundamental knowledge of AI applications, combined with practical relevance for various industries as well as society, provide a solid foundation for deeper immersion in more specific areas of artificial intelligence.

AI Master Class

In the hessian.AI Master Classes, you gain insights into different areas of AI application. In entertaining presentations, startups and companies present real-life challenges and how they solve them using artificial intelligence. AI Master Classes give you the opportunity to become part of the Hessian AI and startup community, network with like-minded people, and gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities of, and barriers to, the use of artificial intelligence.

→ The next AI Master Class will be held in November 2024.

Learning level 2
AI application in practice

At this learning level, our programs dig deeper into how artificial intelligence can be developed, customized, applied, and played with. To ensure that these modules are both fun and valuable, participants should bring a basic understanding of AI, Python programming, and data management.

Hessian Research Data Infrastructures

HeFDI – Hessian Research Data Infrastructures provides comprehensive information on a variety of topics, ranging from HeFDI Code School, which offers comprehensive knowledge for efficient and clean programming, and the HeFDI Data Talks, which transfer in-depth knowledge of data management, to the HeFDI Data School.

→ More information about the Hessian Research Data Infrastructures can be found at HeFDI

Learning level 3
Lectures & conferences & expert interviews

At this learning level, you gain insights into current AI research and its challenges, as well as into the solutions and approaches our researchers have developed to date. In entertaining lectures and presentations, you not only get new impulses for your everyday life, but also an honest and unfiltered view into the current state of research.