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to market readiness

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  • Target point at the beginning of the program: You are ready to go into a pilot phase with pilot customers.
  • Goal at the end of the program: You are prepared to the point where you can achieve market readiness.
  • Previous programs: e.g. EXIST, Hessen-Ideen-Stipendium, AI Startup Rising Startup Competition or Lean AI Startup Funding, …
  • Follow-up program: AI Startup Rising’s accelerator program.

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What you need
to apply

By April 17, 2023 at 11:59pm, you will submit a pitch presentation as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. On a maximum of 8 slides, you will present your startup based on the following outline:

  1. Team: Who is in the founding team or advisory board and what is your legal form?
  2. Vision and impact: What problem are you addressing and what is your approach to solving it? What impact and benefit will result if you are successful?
  3. Innovation and USP: What is innovative about your startup? How can you stand out from existing solutions?
  4. AI usage: In what ways are you using machine learning, data science, or AI?
  5. Target groups and market: Who benefits from your solution and how large is the market volume?
  6. Business model: What is your business model?
  7. Development to date and status quo: What have you already developed, which programs have you participated in so far and what is the current status?
  8. Pilot phase to market maturity: How do you want to use the incubator program? Where are your needs and what is particularly relevant for your next development step?


The application deadline ended April 17, 2023.