Fellowship-Verleihung Schütze

hessian.AI honors its first Fellow

With Prof. Hinrich Schütze, Director of the Center for Information and Language Processing at the LMU Munich, hessian.AI ceremoniously awarded its first Fellow last Monday.

The awarding of the Fellowship took place at the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Haus in Darmstadt. About 45 interested people gathered to welcome Prof. Schütze to the ranks of hessian.AI.

Following the opening and the greeting by the co-director of hessian.AI, Kristian Kersting, Iryna Gurevych acknowledged Prof. Schütze’s outstanding scientific achievements in her laudation. The new Fellow’s lecture, titled “Humans Learn From Task Descriptions. And So Should Our Models!” was followed by a lively discussion. After the symbolic awarding of the Fellowship certificate, the event culminated in a joint dinner in the best weather on the terrace of the Lichtenberg House – a festive prelude to future collaboration.

Iryna Gurevych and Hinrich Schütze

Hinrich Schuetze’s expertise is in the field of linguistically-informed neural NLP. His research group uses the deep understanding of language and believes in the principle that learning is the key to successful NLP – in the same sense that people’s ability to speak is based on learning.
With Prof. Hinrich Schütze, hessian.AI has been able to attract an internationally renowned expert in the field of linguistically-informed neural NLP, as its first Fellow.

With the fellowship program of hessian.AI, the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence, honors outstanding scientists who conduct internationally visible research in central areas of artificial intelligence and provide important impulses to the scientific community. The hessian.AI Fellowship honors research personalities with international appeal in order to initiate and promote the intensification of mutual networking and scientific exchange.