Innovation in Action: Navigating the Proof of Concept Journey

Last Friday, August 30, 2023, marked a major milestone as we successfully hosted an innovative Proof-of-Concept Workshop (PoC) for pioneering AI Startups. This initiative by AI Startup Rising | hessian.AI aimed to empower pre-incorporated AI Startups who participated in our Open Idea Competition or received our Lean AI Startup Funding. The workshop aimed to prepare these startups for the upcoming AI Startup Competition starting on October 12, 2023. Stay tuned for more information!

Our journey began during a previous AI startup competition, where we identified a gap in supporting startups targeting B2B and B2G markets. PoC Projects emerged as a way to break into these markets, but challenges persisted. We addressed key questions about navigating this path pre-incorporation, managing intellectual property, taxation, and gaining customer trust.

The workshop, featuring legal experts, tax consultants, and a successful startup, received positive feedback from 10 participating dynamic startups. Their involvement validated the importance of these topics. Kudos to all participating startups for their valuable insights: MySympto, ArchiPlan, CloudMent, mindwaves, copyrAight, UnderstandUrself, MediEM, Bird Mapper, FLIPoQ, PrescripAI and Phont.

Special thanks to legal expert Tim Steininger, tax consultant Jürgen Jaschke, and Marco Limm from cre[ai]tion Gmbh for sharing your expertise with us and Phillip Travers, our AI Startup Coach, for designing and organizing the workshop.

The workshop’s success inspires us to do more! We’re excited to announce that we’ll host this workshop again during the AI Startup Competition 2023/24.