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Christin Seifert


Christin Seifert is with the University of Marburg since April 2023. Before she was Full Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen, associated with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, University Medicine Essen.
She has been passionate about all flavours of machine learning for a long time, specifically on designing algorithms that not only solve the task, but additionally have “soft-skills”, such as explainability to foster trust and understanding.
Her research is characterised by interdisciplinarity and a broad range of application areas, with a focus on medicine.
Christin Seifert holds a Ph.D. from the Technical University Graz, Austria and a diploma (equiv. M.Sc.) in computer science from the Technical University Chemnitz, Germany.

“I have the strong belief that an diverse and inclusive research environment is crucial for excellence and innovation, and that respectful collaboration across boundaries (such as cultural, senior vs. junior) is essential to be internationally competitive as a excellence center in the field of AI. In my role, I would like to support hessian.AI in devising and implementing inclusion and empowerment policies and guidelines, provide opportunities for young scientists to become leaders in their field, and establish and live a diverse culture.”