Premiere: MedAI Roundtable 2023 in Darmstadt

On September 1, 2023, in the beautiful evening setting of Darmstadt at Woogs-Cafe, we successfully hosted our first MedAI Roundtable.

Our mission was simple but powerful: unite MedAI startups to identify shared needs and spark innovation. With no formal agenda, startups introduced themselves, sharing their focus and highlight their topics of interests.

The evening buzzed with electric discussions among startup guests. Delectable food, drinks, and ambiance led to inspiring connections.

We are thrilled to report that numerous connections were forged, and discussions about potential collaborations are already underway. In fact, two groups have already begun working on a joint project together, and they’re eager to dive into the details in the coming days!

Thanks to the 22 participants from 10 startups and 2 companies: Multilingo Medical AI, MySympto, Deep LS, PreScriptAI, EinMind, mediEM, KardioIQ, ViSPA, Green Convenience, UnderstandUrself, Eloquest, and Innoplexus. Your enthusiasm was truley inspiring.

And special thanks to our AI startup coach Phillip Travers for designing and organizing the event!

Stay tuned for more MedAI innovation and collaboration updates!