The New Faces of the RISING Accelerator Program

We’re on the brink of an exhilarating transformation in the AI landscape in Hesse and beyond, as the renowned AI Startup Rising Accelerator Program, “RISING,” unveils its latest cohort.
This year, RISING is set to catapult AI-centric startups into a new dimension of growth and innovation.

Meet the Game-Changers:

  1. Proteineer: Venturing into the depths of DNA sequencing with advanced deep-learned protein language models, they’re set to revolutionize protein discovery and accelerate research.
  2. Cyreen GmbH: Cyreen sets a new standard in in-store retail media by offering precise measurement and targeting opportunities to brick-and-mortar stores – basically a GDPR-compliant, offline web cookie.
  3. Persival GmbH: Specializing in perception sensor simulation software, their work is pivotal for AI-driven automated driving systems, expanding into various robotic and infrastructure applications.
  4. Veli GmbH: With a heart for elder care, they are revolutionizing safety at home based on the energy consumption data to enable a safe and worry-free life into old age.
  5. ANTICIPATE GmbH: Transforming manufacturing processes with an AI-based system to detect and reduce errors in manual assembly, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

What’s in Store?

From November 2023 to April 2024, these startups will undergo an intense 5-month journey, equipped with a €10,000 prize, mentorship from AI experts, and exclusive, tailored workshops. They’ll gain invaluable insights in sales, VC-readiness, leadership, and storytelling, preparing them to navigate the challenges of scaling up and securing investments.

Connect and Grow:

This program isn’t just about acceleration; it’s a melting pot of innovation and collaboration. As these startups take on this transformative journey, they’re not just rising – they’re reshaping the future of AI.