Reinforcement for the field of artificial intelligence

About Prof. Dr. Michael Klesel

Prof Dr Michael Klesel has been Professor of Information Systems, in particular Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship at Frankfurt UAS since October 2023. He previously worked as an IT project manager and customer experience scientist at R+V Versicherung in Wiesbaden. He completed his doctorate with honours (summa cum laude) at the University of Siegen.

He then headed a research group on the topic of „Smart Work and Work 4.0“. During this time, he conducted research at renowned universities such as Florida State University in Tallahassee and Twente University in Enschede In addition to a broad spectrum of scientific methods, he has a broad portfolio of experience from freelance work and co-operation with companies.

Frankfurt am Main, 22. November 2023. Artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent today and poses new challenges for society and the economy. How can AI-based solutions be introduced effectively and sustainably in companies? How do companies manage to get their employees on board with the transformation? How can start-up potential be realised? To research how these questions can be answered, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) has appointed Prof. Dr Michael Klesel for the winter semester 2023/2024. As part of his professorship at the Faculty of Business and Law, he is dedicated to the topic of „Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship“. In response to the increasing importance of AI in science and business, Frankfurt UAS has decided to establish a total of four AI professorships across the university, which will conduct interdisciplinary research into AI together with other professors at the university. The establishment of the first professorship, which Klesel has now taken up, is made possible by funding from the inter-university centre hessian.AI.

„Artificial intelligence is the key to solving many of the complex challenges of our time, and we are proud to be pursuing this path with an outstanding personality like Prof Dr Michael Klesel,“ says Prof Dr Susanne Rägle, Vice President for Research, Continuing Education and Transfer at Frankfurt UAS. „The close partnership between Frankfurt UAS and hessian.AI will also ensure that we not only prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of this pioneering technology, but also make a significant contribution to innovation and competitiveness in the region.“

„The collaboration between the 13 colleges and universities in Hessen in the hessian.AI network creates a synergy of academic excellence and practical application that is invaluable for Hessen as a centre for AI. With Prof Dr Michael Klesel, we are gaining an expert who will strengthen the bridge between research and innovation in the real economy and make an important contribution to advancing the development and implementation of AI solutions and strengthening Hessen as a business location,“ agree Prof Dr Dr Mira Mezini and Prof Dr Kristian Kersting, co-directors of hessian.AI.

The Chair of Information Systems, in particular Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship. The newly appointed professorship for Artificial Intelligence deals with current issues from a socio-technical perspective. Research activities centre on research questions at the interface between humans and technology. Specific challenges, such as the identification of drivers and barriers to the use of AI systems, are being researched empirically. The professorship strives for a strong transfer between scientific knowledge and concrete applications in companies. Specific recommendations and measures for companies can be derived from the research results. The aim is to create tangible benefits for German companies in addition to scientific work. Possibilities for new business models and opportunities for spin-offs are explored in order to make new concepts and ideas usable for the economy.

Current developments in the field of AI are both impressive and challenging for many people. With the breakthrough of large language models, or LLMs for short, such as ChatGPT, the potential is accessible to a broad user group for the first time and can be used in everyday life. With this remarkable development, new problems are emerging that need to be researched and solved,“ emphasises Professor Klesel. These include questions such as: What is the best way to deal with hallucinations of AI models? What options are there to strengthen trust in AI systems? What levers do companies have to use AI effectively and efficiently? „The challenges can often only be overcome in interdisciplinary teams and through collaboration between research institutions and companies. Frankfurt UAS and hessian.AI are competent partners for answering the exciting and complex questions in the context of AI.“