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Driving research excellence, education, practice and leadership in AI to foster economic growth and improve the human condition.

AI Innovationlab


Primary goal of hessian.AI’s Innovationlab is the promotion of development and production of state-of-the-art AI technology.


Third Wave of AI

3AI aims to explore the Third Wave of Artificial Intelligence: AI systems should acquire human-like communication and reasoning capabilities and be able to recognize, classify and adapt to new situations autonomously.


AI Startup Rising

AI Startup Rising channels the startup activities of hessian.AI. The goal is to aggregate and expand existing competencies in Hesse and to build an internationally visible AI innovation ecosystem.

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hessian.AI – the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence pursues the goal of conducting excellent basic research with concrete practical relevance and also to promote transfer to industry and society. The centre, in which 13 Hessian universities are involved, bundles the expertise of 22 AI scientists and expands it through 22 new professorships.

Based on cutting-edge research as conducted at the TU Darmstadt and other Hessian universities, significant contributions are made to the research and development of novel AI systems with human-like thinking and communication capabilities, which are classified as belonging to the so-called “Third Wave of AI”.

AI Innovationlab

Primary goal of hessian.AI’s Innovationlab is the promotion of development and production of state-of-the-art AI technology. For this purpose, we are offering the use of a modern technical infrastructure in the form of a HPC (High-Performance-Computing)-Cluster which is able to perform the execution of demanding machine/deep learning models in connection with huge datasets (Big Data). Furthermore, we can assist with AI-related consulting services, e.g. with regard to developing and implementing these kind of models.

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Third Wave of AI

Researchers led by TU Darmstadt want to usher in a new era in the development of artificial intelligence (AI): Their AI systems are to acquire human-like communication and thinking skills, recognize and classify new situations and adapt to them independently. The “Third Wave of AI” project is funded with 5.2 million euros as part of the “Cluster Projects” funding line of the State of Hesse in preparation for the next round of the Bund-Länder Excellence Strategy until 2025 and combines AI research from TU Darmstadt, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt University Hospital and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

AI Startup Rising

AI Startup Rising is a project of the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI) and the universities involved in the centre: TU Darmstadt (TUDa), University of Kassel (UK) and Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) with special reference to the respective startup centres or startup supporting departments. With AI Startup Rising, a start-up and scaling platform for high- and deep-AI start-ups from science is being created in Hesse. The common goal of the partners is to build an internationally visible AI innovation ecosystem that understands the region’s top AI research as a source of sustainably successful high- and deep-tech startups, produces successful startups and acts as a point of attraction for talent, investors and companies.

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What people
say about us


"Artificial intelligence enables computers to learn new skills that will allow us to find better solutions to the challenges we face, be it in the field of medicine, tackling environmental issues or overcoming social problems. It will open up huge scientific and economic potential and thus comes with great responsibility. In order to exploit the opportunities for science, business and people in Hesse, we are relying on the particular strengths of the universities in Hesse: The Technical University of Darmstadt is strong in basic research and is closely followed by other universities that are conducting specialist research into AI, while we can also call on outstanding practical research at the University of Applied Sciences. The concept was jointly developed by 13 universities and more than 40 partners from the fields of research and business already want to cooperate with the centre today. Thanks to its unique characteristics, the centre will – as confirmed by the independent evaluation commission – become highly visible internationally, acting as a beacon in this field that will reach far beyond the boundaries of our state."

Angela Dorn
Hessian Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts
August 31st, 2020


"The universities in Hesse that have worked on the concept for the centre under the leadership of TU Darmstadt have created something really unique here: We are bringing together all of our outstanding research into artificial intelligence in all its facets from the basics through to application research under one roof. As a result, we are taking on a pioneering role both nationally and internationally."

Tanja Brühl
President of TU Darmstadt
August 31st, 2020


"The fact that the new centre will integrate and bring together the full scope, originality and quality of the expertise in AI from all o the participating universities will give it greater standing and prestige. In future, we will be able to present our combined strengths in international competition and thus make Hesse a laboratory of the future for AI research."

Birgitta Wolf
Chairwoman of the Conference of University Presidents in Hesse and President of Goethe University Frankfurt
August 31st, 2020


"There is great potential in the business structures in Hesse for the application of artificial intelligence. More companies already use AI in Hesse today than in other federal states. Five percent of the companies in Hesse were already using AI in 2018. We want to build on this and expand the use of AI. A key focus of the AI Centre will be on transferring knowledge between science and business, i.e. between research and application. As a result, we want to enable more business startups. Artificial intelligence sounds abstract and complicated yet we are encountering it more and more in everyday life, whether it is facial recognition on smartphones or parking assistants in cars. In turn, companies will increasingly use AI as a motor for generating added value digitally. And this is what we want to strengthen and promote in Hesse."

Tarek Al-Wazir
Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing
August 31st, 2020


"The University of Applied Sciences views participation in the new centre as an opportunity to contribute its expertise in IT and applications with the aim of developing beneficial applications for artificial intelligence. We expect this to be an advantage for the cross-university research collaboration, especially for transfer projects, from which companies throughout Hesse will be able to benefit in particular."

Matthias Willems
President of the TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences and Chairman of HAW Hesse
August 31st, 2020


"We want to decisively shape the development of artificial intelligence her in Hesse and at the same time place a particular focus on ethical issues. The use of AI should be for the benefit of people and based on clear, ethical principles. The development and application of AI in the future must be based on a free, democratic, responsible, transparent and non-discriminatory approach. Therefore, the possible applications should also always be carefully considered when carrying out research into AI. Interdisciplinarity is a core element and AI applications can thus only be successfully developed by combining the methods and insights of 3 or more different disciplines. The centre will therefore cooperate closely with the Centre for Responsible Digitalisation, which will make the Centre for Responsible Digitalisation a really key component of the success of AI in Hesse. It works at the interface between business, science and society in order to unlock the potential of AI for Hesse."

Kristina Sinemus
Hessian Minister for Digital Strategy and Development
August 31st, 2020