AI Service Centre

With the AI service centre hessian.AISC, we are pursuing the goal of continuously developing and and expansion of AI computing infrastructures and services based on them. Hereby, we strengthen the European AI ecosystem and technological sovereignty.
The hessian.AISC service centre makes a significant significant contribution to transforming the results of today’s cutting-edge research into tomorrow’s into the services and products of tomorrow.

Research activities in the area of third wave of AI and the associated tools such as large generalisable models generalisable models, data-intensive applications, algorithms and hardware specific structures, algorithms and hardware, or the integration of heterogeneous approaches and hybrid infrastructures and their application. We focus on explainability, generalisability, and contextual adaptation of AI methods and systems.

A central drive is to further develop AI in such a way that robust, secure and efficient AI systems can be developed by a broad range of users. This focus in combination with the expertise available in hessian.AI | The Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence, which includes internationally renowned experts in all areas of artificial intelligence, is unique in Germany.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research